16 Jan 2022

So, as at last a few agree....

 They (you) are all in ...  "grief "

It is time at last, the kairos of it all.....

And having once again "simplified" - the so tragic woman said twelve year zago...

Here is the picture: Thank you Lottie, because

Days and days ferrally Quinning about, 

(but how on earth do i set the red line? bastard!)

The picture, truly back in the 19th century, up a lane into the hills. 

Dank, the ague all around.

That said five days of minus five 


Would not have it ANY other way....

Now we have a 'problem' in that there is a smiley one here with very bright eyes.

And she uses them to stare into mine even with her expensive moleskin trousered so called bloke in tow,.....

But who among them can be Kathi?

tiz the q?

But has a passport to the  lands of a woman changing her mind.... for which in YUK there is novaccination,. being