16 Jan 2022

ok that is better

 This piece of shit needs a 



(i got the last good one off ebay a year ago just for her....  only best 20 bucks i have ever spent to come soon - but never ever ever for money.... I mean Montaigne would be turning in his grave with or without his most accomodating Missus bent over the Aga in front of im.... at the the complete and utter How To Live...

It just works. The whole Quinn phase even and thank god no London tart answered her email, because they've just no idea ever how to entirley let


but where?, that's the complete and utter daily joy.


But here, picture it: poignantly,

down the track there's the old thing she wants me to shower in her place.

Poor lamb with all that bourgeois 'design';

Didn't vax err from the blues...

Nor the mutts.

Fancy uns too

Only one i think may just be vaxxed is the ladybird bird, and ok i know it is time to 'go'

But the damn problem is

(to be continued - work in progress, to nowhere)

Back to the scene. 

Woodlanders, ague... misery and ennui, 

and maniacal harridan babes throwing love bombs all over the place

the Reddle Man in his little van 


His inventor was wrong:

Sorry those images, if you know all along they had the most beutuiful cant and vanity

woven in.

And just how simply perfect 


144 years yore they would be.

To the only happy bunny on the planet

Every ferkin day. And you get used to reddle.

My bag of reddle, her red gascans.... (admittedly betterthan the other brand)

But ere is the thing that maybe the Michel man alone may have got

Her.... for her own good, her.... 'wellbeing'

use her, but never that way, thank you very much.... 

 Images, soon.

I aint some butterfly ladybird 

But no mere 'reader' or scanner could imagine the total and utter power living every day from 05:13 behind


that is more everything than even I could have imagined.

And then it came, just like that as i sideled up to the toothbrushing  stop.

"Of course!;  she may well represent the exact opposite. The enemy; the killing bitches (research showed it was more female than male, sorry girls, wimmin revel in cruel torturing animal sports  - or at least one sort, more than us poor chaps - must be some 'reaction' to .... god only knows what) .... but had it not been for her and her Harmony Hair spray looks and.... hairy harmony hair i would see an image of utter poignant perfection those days ony... three years gone by 

"  cannot not own the fact tha tthe Laura Layby will always be the place as Thomas The Hardon would have known too, out of the mists  - deep in Brexit ague and angst and all the other miseries.... and imaginary psychosoma that affect 'clinical outcomes'...

"  the way every day as she came by...

" i mean no point telling her as no chavvy petit bourgeoisie understand the poetry

" But that is all human mere opinion, fact is simple: she alone did what none of the others could ever do...

" and thus there is only one url name for the next phase, how fool was I...

 And i aint ferkin telling you, only one will know and she ca use it to racjk and ruin and not get my poetry, her problem.... or not. So


But many images soon from just ne day. High up in the hills all day. From the most perfect Homeric....

"and she scratched her bloody finger across the dark and my oh my talk about waking you up with a jolt to the absurdity in it all how just abov ethe Worst Journey in The World (all last winter)  the most absurdly beautiful dawn ever seen ever and many countries and their dawns have been known and lived...."

to slightly paraphrase. 

But even a shitty camera with even shittier sowftware cannot entirely fuck up such an extraordinary sight, and being ....

there. Only one otherplace in t'world i would rather be..

But  had to be

there, then, to be here now, and where i need to 



(and having transfreed all of ones so called 'identities' to a shit tinny Lenovo the just as shit Dell, newer slightly less tinny, but certainly more crappy components dressed up as cool and robust ....  when indeed they are designed to blow up with such reliable regularity..... i cannot even get the blogger spell checking redlinething to do its job - some ferkin setting one has to change even if one 'imports' ones synchronised 'identity'... quite necessary as the keyboard of a NEW Lenovo was so uttyerly disatrous it mnever worked properl;y  and thus Lenovo'd slam [always no thought just type non stop]  poetryish stuf always looks like its by an illkitaret Americam Supereme court judge (listen to Dell Bigbush boucing on his Highwire,  and his episode 250 to hear just how utterly LOST to literacy they are not much shocks me butthat did)

 ..... nothing works ever one got used to that a decade ago...

Except one book, not quite written yet, even if its roots are in Taleb's superb ALLEGORICAL Black Swan and Yevgennias gorgeous and wise Whirlwind.

Oner simply cannot ever ever ever know the future - the  societal stuff that harms you (that is 'you' you not me)  or that which goes to make p when it it is simply impiossible every day, every single one constantly for years to be ... full of beans and ot ever ever ever let the bastards get you down, but in a non avtive way of 'letting' meaning..... non arrogantly rise above every single whisp of cant and vanity

good for me

But how to pay to live exactly like this every day always

Thats the key

ouldnt care less if i never find.

Because it is the lost key that makes life so much richer. 

You simply never can know who you will bump into out ofthe blue 

Huntin around for the damn thking.

And i know i do; want to marry her.

Or one of her imposter supposed equals.