14 Jan 2022

if you know you are good...

 Then you get even better later on especially if you meant the Bernard.... question, answer.

 And then get rightfully called a Lady....

why do stats or if we must 'analytics' say 84 clicks from Turkey well fuck off unless your dad is like Bircin* and you like the glorious film Tangerines, down the road ... i only wrote this for one, and it says just one peek from her land.... 

Well, that's better than none.

*5ish years ago and i do have a poignant picture of her lovely hair - early silvering... in time, the pictures will time.... I am yet a young enough person.

" so Bircin you know Muslim stuff is rather current so tell me ...i mean i know already you are magnificent ... so this area of Turkey your dad raised you, a little behind the times rather... you say the most fundamentalist region,.... so what was he like... ?"

" let me tell you a story. I was about fifteen and one evening my friends came round to pick me up and we were to go out into the night.... I came downstairs and my dad was sat in the lounge and he said.... ' Bircin.... you cannot under any circumstances go out dressed like that.....  go up and change immediately..."

" ugghhh [ western white privileged slightly Enlightenment values look of i am so so so sorry you were even born you poor pitiable thing...]

"... you ASSUME !!!... shit up i havent finished, because he continued '  you have gorgeous knees so go and put on a shorter skirt that shows them off properly.... to the men... if their balls haven't been cut off by their damn elders that is...'..." 

" now i understand, you...."