14 Jan 2022

Well, tizzz....


They indeed can get....

To the best ever as they get


Shame the same

Canknee be said bout


#Piece of


But, talk about the biggest "ohh my batteries ran out" in history, failure

To know that batteries do not decide to run out just like that.

 Of their own


Nope, one - that is a human being known as 'one', must use that grey matter,


And be ahead of the game which is no game it simply requires

care and knowing what good purpose is, even if it may indeed take

nearly fourty six years atop a hilltop in the sun all day, from

The most perfect break of day ever seen. Lived. Been


To now for sure there aqs Yvonne, and a younger lass called Bonnie.

And as for these Johnny come lately Italians, sorry a load of old men with modern gizmos, is the end.... of everything

And a half a million views says nothing 

but a half a million sheep exist.

maybe she ran off to that perfect summer starting just around the corner.

"oh i was up there hadnt found it again a year and .... as i set up perfect peaceful spot ... notepads out, photos saved, rubbish left for another day.... 

appears an angel..... 

[whatever  the emojii is for " you mean little ole me, heyyyy..}

" a very beautiful angel i didn't say..."

(best bit a little after the tale recanted, to the rather lost man of 55 who always wants that little bristling ego fight...even he laughed...twas told with such true and unmistakable forever  sunny energy on an icy day....)

'nother words, there is competition.

Blue ticks, at log last, are all very well, but what does she mean...? [emojii for: but she isn't Engish may just be possible to know...]

But back a few days, the beachcombing man, and his endless offence via bating me about dead badgers, cruelly bated by the creator..

Well, he got it in the screen today "you just practice man and to be used, as proof to her

I know exactly how to deal with hotties..."

Come back means i decided fresh New Year fresh you are ell ... something 2022, but i cannot decide, well i know... what it will be but being fairly good at poetical symbollox and what always was there in 1976 and is so gorgeously back once more.

I know what works.

But i also know that content, not working, when in a sane universe that stopped filling itself up with cant and vanity from about then, and it should work....

Is the best work.

I wish no reader nor viewer

oops that's a point i have been so too-much-happens....just like that I haven't looked