18 Nov 2021

where is 'IT' !?...after all it started 'it'

 By far the most evocative in a not so good way of when life changed.... snap...or hundred snaps..

The symbol of all of it, not just in a picture but in the very existence of the picture. Bcause in earlier years there would be NOT anything left to snap.  They would have stripped it bare, grabbed it gone...

But then something happened - not in my life but n life in even this land.... and day after day, diligently i observed, it was still ...there...untouched. 

What cannot be pictured is of course far more interesting. 

And i cannot find it - them.... i know it happened... his plastic shroud is still there further destroying the ecosystems, one day..

meanwhile i sall have to doodle.

ralph lives on.... even if he is long dead and clearly forgotten.

But how forgettable that day was in that we took so many and yet i clear forgot, and what a smile she has... and liked to show. Even i have been heartwarmed reviewing them of that day, and i know the story...