18 Nov 2021

actual vaccination, actually available even this latitude even actually in early spring. if you make the actual effort to find where you can get it. 

Now i care about only one thing, "the strange case of ..."  How wonderful i forgot Rachel K played with entitling herself the "Strange Case of...."

And his strange not very good tree pictures. From a time - that first day, when i was on an even crappier camera. But you don't need some super meggabyte picture to captue the terrorbyte in the story of what ended up within this so sad sight.... I wonder if i have a half modern photograph whatever you call ultra snap all super pro?  Because i do have many....  that sounds  alittle sick and wonky. Wait... may be some weeks or even months. I know what a happy ending is. 

"ohh poor you....out on your bicycle in this weather.... "

"no poor you, the weather is quite doable and i shall likely live a little longer than you and certainly dont have anything to moan anbout health wise as all of you do all the time evrywhere i go nowadays..."

And, wont hurt anyone.....other than myself if I .... (To be cont)