18 Nov 2021

 Even here... even here... one has to be careful these days - very. Whom does one let in to one's life? Or 'identity'. One chap i did of late...supposedly rural yokel with a clean living better mind, i am not so sure...

Anyway, must go. Go.. go to some far far simpler place,  away from the hipster pseuds  - so many bad nighttime habits of course even they aren't really 'safe' any more - even here, and away from the  'Waitrose Bags' [codeword to be visually dscribed later, with pictures] .... of no use to me...somehwre as simple as possible,  where i will have even more energy to get this really at least ok.... but, as a few folk I know and do trust i have shared a few new gradually developing online showcases with of late, this one i care about. The rest not so. This one i will polish and get half readable. Soon.


This will be improved even may be website look aesthetically improved over the winter. These images mean a lot to me. Many will not be technically superb because although i lead an extremely quiet lots or hillwalking life and in the summer days may be reading at a river's edge half the day, in fact the imagery below and to come is largely very very much as a result of MOVEMENT... moving cycling hiking and dodging around the lost lunatics even in my small rural places - trying to find just one person who says what they mean and means what they say; and who knows the actual meaning of a real quiet rural life in tune with nature done, a LOT, not for facebook, nor to meet to smoke drugs, is actually so so so good for the 'soul' but it takes a long long time to know how... to live how. And to live not needing ever any of their rushing around. When on chronicling duty i put a LOT into it all...because i do care.  But never ever to a formula or plan... things just kept happening so many things it is daft and i live in the middle of nowhere but could not keep up. And am super fit....from all that movement. So... there is something...something to share if i can quite get there. Soon