20 Nov 2021

Quinn returning to Ralph, who kindof always was

 well..... able to see through the cant and vanity  and try and at least have an intelligent conversation even if just with oneself. on how flawed your Mister Peterson is, as example to our ruddy cheeked children, for example. SO i didn't really need Quinn, he simply helped me focus on what was always in there, and this is why...

But that is where Ralph got to last year. And knew it was time to pack up, failed, and go...

but that was just a sublime year of 2020 confirmation...  the next bit is really why

Actually thoughtful person me: managing to remember to provide both mp3 and WMA versions for those unable to mange to keep in their heads just what is the quite simple matter of i believe wma does not work on your fancy Apple... the amount of supposedly intelligent folk who come back "i cannot play that file" give up...go drown in Jordan, he doesn't teach anyone How To Live...

meanwhile i shall get to it. The desk cleared at last of all but what matters. 

One image more than any shows Jordan's world, and also the real world of ordinary folk in rural fringe lands. 

In 2013 ..14 ... if one lives in a large old parklands where surrounding lower orders are allowed to take a fallen tree for firewood. And this isn't some logburner in some small town trendy bohemian version of firewood, this is somewhere 15 miles from nearest gas main, and with in fact a very localised quite severe microclimate due to the topography causing all the hills around to drain below the land around 

My my it gets most harsh in the winter. And the folk generally 'bottom third'  - cannot waste money on expensive electrical heating.  2014 I think it was you could picture a 'tree grab' ..or film it. Frantatic (against many generations understood careful rural lore rules of respecting a nearby more..) 

But then only a few years later, same location - in fact in an easier access spot, a huge oak is blown down in late winter gales.

"hmmm... not feeling bril that damn unknowable thing still in charge.... must get up for my portion.... it wont be there in a few days.....scavenged, grabbed, hauled.... surely they KNOW about it... only 100 yards up from main base.."

repeated day in and out for a month...

something changed. When the ordinary rural precariat ... left for me day in and out a complete fallen oak to photograph day in and out..

working title: this would NOT be visible in the past.

Or summit like that.

I know those photos are no fancy Cartier Bresson or  E. ChambrĂ© Hardman

but the hard duller truth in imagery that are far more social realism ... and 

well they are going to ned a few paragraphs to explain or the whole flippin point is missed