20 Nov 2021

The times of the really quite crappy camera, but

I can at long last, begin.
Even if it be too late to marry the only one who doesn't take paracetamol for a mere period...only found today. 
But then too
Back then.
Even that one would not have got even if the speed and motion is sadly always too necessary and negating a flattering angle aside a rather sinewy splendidly sleek lower calf had one had the time to gracefully poise.
Wounds heal too. And leave no scars... and the notion that everything must instantly be bathed in some crème or other or even a rush to the hospitably, sadly this was not the place for her.

SO all to now, in fact the start is now
Even if it is only about actually today. That is this day, today.
And i didn't know.

But then near five years ago. 
That was the end. An din fact even if one has had a Quinny week or so, one returned to Ralph.
Ralph could not walk well at his end but from the time of knowing
A tree that in previous iterations of human would have been stripped bare within a blink of an eye.
A few weeks later following my own recuperation from a  nasty winter bug, t'was still there...intacto.
That Maclean song, The Day The Music dies... I assumed it was about the end of an era. Well this is the picture that goes with it and there are many many more..

But only today even if she was astride near five years ago, does it gel into the words said so out loud. 

yes...poingant... if i told you what between then and now. Today now.

even if a fair time just sat on that style too.


lots. Too much. 
The Only Regret

And now at last time to stop... or at least amble on
Because none of it was ever for one smallest good purpose it so transpires. But Ralph would be ok with that...he knew, then.

oops... not only the only regret, because there is a very very one and only question within that netter, too. And a whole rest of life, not mine...may hang on it.