1 Feb 2022

pictures, definately, only, soon

 And this one is not part of 'it' except is the only one that actually matters.

In that whilst i doodle here and there in a few online portals - never ever promoted via any other website and never ever do i waste one second googling any "traction" i may have, to use another of their silly horrid technoTeletubbie words, i write only for myself and the fairies. And occasionally email a url or two to someone i have thought may be valuable., I probably went mad too and am wrong.


anyway here in this only poignant and poetical portal, i don't think i have even mentioned the 'situation'. 

Silly bad journalists hyping everything of course missed that in reality their own domestic administration in their own country in REALITY gave up almost all rules some time ago.  Quite rightly. As has

As the local elderly off duty  copper i met up here at the next style up  from this one mid May 2020  peak ultra freak out ‘lockdown’ made it quite quite clear to me sat there him watiching the sunset one evening at least two hours out from his abode.... “no one should care if WE are wandering our lovely hills all day... bollocks to their neurotic city people rules.... “

But that is not any interest of mine. My only interest since mid April 2020 is that i happen to live somewhere were there are very many adorable styles like the above, up in the hills - an hour amble from a small village nearby with safe parking or a lovely campsite nearby or a few houses i am known at where spare rooms were always available for someone with a brain, wishing to spend some great time ASIDE all the neurosis...and amble around some styles.... 

They don’t have to have appended themselves to me.  Though self interest was an occasional tripod holding person would have been useful. Because i do do a little filmic stuff elsewhere that i know is good. And brave. As it is about the virtual fascists that greedily damage lands and wildlife around and about, even here. And it gets so so tedious standing around just me and a selfie stick. 



There we go... what a gorgeous period of discovery: every single one of dozens of folk engaged with over nearly two years stating they would love some walking in the hills, time 'aside' the bullshit; maybe even collaborate in a few wonderful healthy outdoor animal focused projects i had ongoing, and never ever ever in any way their money involved stated at outset,  is a lying mad bullshitter...


pity them all.


Because they will never get up to these lovely styles ... far too busy spinning more lying yarns about their (fake) homespun little existences on their absurd Instragrams and less so facebooks (usually only affordable on southern money - tons of it....and a husband still stealing money from everyone via the city of London or some other such bullshit factory such as consultations to health or other 'industries' ... they can never quite forget exists)




Being "Quinn" and just forgetting all of this cant and vanity and every word online being a lie, except from me,  was the fantasy of another deluded user...  so be it. Knowing where the goalposts actually are is always the only source of a quiet mind, and actually real centeredness and peace...


End of sermon... bollocks to all. No one ever ever ever for a millisecond takes from my enjoyment of my styles... hopefully soon to be uprooted to another warmer region. Or maybe Norway...or....  


processing ALL of ones shit is terribly good for the soul. Especially the absolutely  tragicest ever ever ever stuff and turning it into sort of 'art' for my reader or viewer to chuck rotten fruit at, is freedom.