22 Jan 2022

pictures, only, now...

 As i have at last, bloody ell, control pannels... the final resting place.

Pictures of what came before, the absolute rubbish phase of several weeks of  "wow yet another stunning sunrise to stick on my instagram..." 

my pictures have a real story.  Even if i would love to know where the gateposts lie with one particular ...'influence'.

So wjhat all that matters is that i have found noyt one but two sublime spots, no vehicles, no botheration, no ownership, simply aside. Until who knows what. Next.

The truly poignant period, coming up. 

Except he - the fatso redpotted one, gave me an idea at dawn today: Indeed, a little audio too. But it must be perfect. No more rag tag writing and posting, pure art only now. And if it does not make you cry, i want my money back.