2 Dec 2021

pause, over....

 The 'duel' commenced.

Not that that story can ever be shared.

And I am only interested in the stories leading up, to, what is impossible to describe, as the discoveries so deep and meaningful it would take two lifetimes and all my 'work' put together, to even begin to pain the picture.

And anyway i wonder if anyone still speaks the same language as mine self.... or understands "i mean it".

Now.... while every industrial moaner, and those attending  the moaners throw out ever other word "vulnerable" does not any longer understand every single so called disadvantage can be fashioned into a silver lining, we better try at least to show a few of mine. Because I am only in the actual real joy business, no "boundaries" to quote the latest fallen by the wayside of her own disastrous 'self awareness" and ....'belief'.