18 Nov 2021

 some waffle, on why 'poignant' what is the Quinn in it, and what will never be said...due mine grace

terribly safe

i would never knowingly cause anyone harm...

and am very very careful...even if free

all only a work in progress. 

It will not harm me if my identity is ever linked or shared - it is impossible to harm me... but it would just, well make it seems perhaps something it is not and never will be. And waste time as i will have to be an unknowable  elsewhere - al I ever wish. Just the stories speak for themselves. But that would be a bit of a fag and another tenner another new identity, and the few personal invites sent out, advised i have another home. Here is only a kind of positive poignancy and some real true stories if my pics are good enough to show.... but i always find the silver lining. Always...and with no fanfare, ever. Even in the last great hurdle to come, soon.