19 Nov 2021 far i only have invited

 two to this page.

The Romanian first. She does not know my name. Maybe she will soon. Though it is completely irrelevant. 

We have trust.... real trust. a shared awareness of a certain little tyranny - i don't care about, she cares about far too much. But that is for another day if we ever manage a proper eye to eye.

Today from dawn which at the moment due a pending cliff edge is far too 3am... just finishing off the very very last flurry with the Eton boys....all boys. Boys and their ghostly games. Irrelevant other than i wished to be at this. It is all I care about. And i don't lie. I say what i mean having pondered it often a  long long time at dawn in the quiet of the day at my humble woodsman's fireplace....

The one symptom here of the complete time waste - oh my what is the 'point' i often wonder, but i know, only because I can..... years of time waste from the nice egomaniacs meant to be on my 'side' is that i dropped the capitalisation of 'i'  - i know terrible but it saves a millisecond a minute and to get to be total Quinn i need every second and have no energy which for me is  a very rare thing as i make a point of always getting my 7+ hours....from 9pm.... nothing worth being up for... at night.

'I' am not 'shy' but know never ever to make anything about 'me'... to carry on a Quinn phase which will not be explained, if the  creator doesn't understand it is of no consequence. I do. But there is little point being anything these days. especially when you only want to be out in the wilds. Or at least most of the time. 

Now in the recording below but this is the shortest version in history if an extremely wonderful long process most enjoyed which can be summed up as surely in May 2020  - by then, in very rural places with few folk around - two very small towns a few miles away and they never waddle out to the hilks under normal circs, surely a new honesty and openness - all in 'it' together - by which i mean life in general, and many know various aspects of it are stuck - not evolving as they maybe should... in the grander scheme i.e The Enlightenment was mean to trundle along and maybe even get a bit better in how it informs universal matters. Like forgiveness and more actually genuine universal compassion rather than the confected say it to look good type.

But that is for another day. In my year - 2020 ... a freedom, to maybe be able to share at last things in earlier years one may have been rightly fearful of even whispering, never mind pointing to the cruelest wildlife crime i have ever known. Yonder

i do not normally pose or selfie much at all.... 

But there are many poignancies in

what next.

In fact the real clarification that only doing a Quinn is sane was in the subsequent few months.  From August last year. 

So many nice upper middle class folk - you have to get to know the uppers - their husbands are making bags of loot in the city and commuting even from here nowadays... and they have on their FAcebook they care a lot about the environment - one my favourite and new friend made first new friend of many in spring 2020 - proper lovely rural eye to eye alliance... i thought...over quite a few meets, on hers much of protecting nature. Share with her a truly terrible illegal act, nicely, wisely, philosophically " so how can we get justice for all of the ones buried alive to die such a  slow painful death... maybe encourage the buriers to put something into some project elsewhere...'leverage' i am sure you hear that word over canap├ęs often enough.... you care don't you...we don't want to see anyone shamed or hurt ... there is no traction in that...another shocking depressing newspaper maybe even headline... no point, it makes no one feel good... cmon ideas...."

No comment. So many comment with smiley eyes  the footnote always how terrible, and then ignore the polite letter or email note... asking for allies. As what next if anyone heard even if it is philosophically only good and about what is positive..".. may get nasty for me. But i may take that risk if  i have just a few like you on side...moral support... anyway as we laugh at your opening helllo to me all those lovely months ago... you are armed hahh hahh.... "

Footnote, i was planning to start to put up the real phase one of poignant pictures today but it may be delayed.... oh woe is us, or him....

SO many years .... he cannot just stop and think of how he also is the problem - all day he spends on his smartphone sending his links out.... but cannot DO anything but send more links out...

when he knows surely that doesnt work - it only puts everyone's backs up ...or turns them off. The POSITIVES... the silver linings especially if they are categorically real ... they make folk think. Maybe...if there is anyone left who can... or can read between the lines.