28 Nov 2021

god i am thick

what is so hard about, select the photograph you wish at the foot of the 'page'  last? 

because i wish to only end it all on the happiest note imaginable.
But don't have to imagine anything. I have it all chronicled.... so carefully.
And it would make a million...or two

"look you fat fucker i need you to waddle down a mile to my river where no one else ever goes all year....cos i love you alone and it bug-gers the cubbies as we know....  put yer ferkin machinery down or you'll get red-spotted again by me if you don't do what you ALONE know is right.."

ahh... they all love her.... so
Not me
Even if the 'story'... her the rebel as i told them all, alowed me to do a truly subversive photo shoot... seemed to even like what i had seen in her no one else even noticed...

one day - that the only photographed 'published' and entirely obvious what it does mean.... they didnt like it of course. 

and dont think i don't care about my work.... this one the end of that series..maybe. 

But i do not make a habit of sitting throwing metaphorical stones from an enclosed vehicle space.... and anyway don't throw stones. That's for the rest of them.... and anyway am in their face.... for them....