23 Nov 2021

But, 'THE' Question.

 I would love to ask one or other of half a dozen slightly wise women i know -  3 or 4 tale money to be counselling and snake oil sales women 'wise' ... i.e. therapists or whatever... good thing about them they can just about take what is not a joke "ehh... its a joke... i have philosophically riffed internally on the Western model of therapy healing and counselling for decades... as objective outside i never needed to waste a penny on any of it  ... ehh... cannot you see, as Einstein so beautifully said, with about 75% of folk clearly deleoping or their various psychopathologies worstening....i mean see the angst on faces...and as for my angelic favourite no nonsense march up the  hillwoman and get sweaty with me.... most open and intelligent women i have ever met.... and she can take ANYthing in an email...she says ALL her well off Guardian reading contemporaries her age who went to mindfulness ashrams or all that swimming pools filled with snake oil self indulgent selfish save MY soul garbage.... and she even reads good books like...Rachel... [well she will soon if i have my way]  Houellebecq, though none of them have read the word of God pissing on us all, because he LOVED us... he cjhallenged us to BE better... His.. Extinction..., 330 pages of the most sublime but so intelligent rant in history and no paragraph breaks....  she tells me they are all so so dangeroysly at the edge,.... few of them sleep well any more.... none are truly ever at peace.... so Albert wisely said if  the definition of madness is that their expensive cures and prophylactics against increased madness have failed to prevent them all going near mad.... [fuckin copyright me!]   it's the definition of madness....or at least getting sour and fatter in middle age .." 

SO, the question. I would love it that just ONE of them had even remembered " i have a deep and important simple question and i VALUE you very very much by actually asking you this if you will find 10 min... there is no comeback on you... there is no conceivable risk to you.... and  the subject of the question is as old as the hills.... and i have pondered it myself a year or more... two really.... i have it at 60/40 for telling a truth to someone its not a 'truth' about anyone else, it is just a simple and extremely happy verifiable obvious fact*...should i share it with the only person i care about, love, no mater what..... "

* - = dont believe what you read in the papers but do believe half a dozen VERY secure rather groovy women  tough nuts with kids or land, i spend time with... or did as even they are useless... and forget their 'promises' ... to ponder sharing land for example

So it is a simplest ever question: " you say you know a little about real psychologies... which you have to read Thomas Mann and Herman Hesse to get even slightly better at, but of course no one can any more all their instagram to piss confetti into a mushy brain dead world... theyre addicted to... nevertheless despite only bimbo behaviours we have seen last year some actual balance and grit... you know i value you....and we ... us few...were truly tested and laughed all the way to that 12 year olds genuine after day.... what do you think, should i share with mine, the truth.... that i have never had such a happy few years..?" 

"or is the English setting so so addicted to the pitying assumptions and self immolation on the spike that is hurt and angst..?" 

"PLEASE...its just a simple question decision....??"