25 Nov 2021

And thus to begin.

 Because even if the simple fact of life as there are standard versions despite the space cadet " we are all unique and different" excuse for not doing the quite straightforward work post enlightenment, being to do the work...  trawl through his glorious rant, hard work at times, and then stumble upon in context - your hard work has taken you there sticking with him through thin and being thick, as will these pages be, but not as coherent and never ever any rant, until the end... that's the coherence in the 


never ever any rant.


Rants are dull unless spat out by a genius, 

ooops diversion ....well not really as if one is attempting to lure a fine mind as true companera (with the squiggle but that means copy and paste from  yet another tab open and i aint got time or energy what with all those 'healers' who cannot even heal their inability to ever communicate or recall what they communicated.. even when given a great DOING thing compliment...) from across her 'pond' well one does wonder  if she has been in gaol a long time if she hasn't heard of her greatest ever make America great made from  being himself, and they 'get' him...

Or maybe i need to write a song.... one little problem there, a few images here are from the world of song,  and they are just as bleak neigh bleaker then an uncutup oak tree... 

And it may be that if i write the word 'neigh' and some bright spark says silly chap has his autocorrect turned to turbo, no silly chap here all autocorrects get turned off on anything...  because creativity may just now and again require word play and that is too much for the pea brain of the algorithms, who can never have any brain no matter what they say because ...

There is one thing impossible to describe, explain,  or