28 Nov 2021

and this is where it actually [innix] starts....her end

 But that story is actually officially block-buttoned hahh hahhhh .. and silence only hurts the one needing quiet. |So it is sad in that i wish not even her any hurt. Only freedom.

But her pain ....lashing out so sadly, was the key to something i knew for a fact i could never be for real in any way as we know ourselves so so well these days - never ever, be free to enjoy the art or see the the art in all..... everything. Always. 

bad picture from a decade ago, almost to the day,   crappy little camera ...  but it's the movement and talk about ultraest poignant ever if you knew the story...

But the key to life is let those so lost they cannot see the poetry in their lashing out, win. There is no point standing up against them. They must win, that is their nature. And her story so rather concomitantly dull.  But only one spoke so wisely about how wonderful failure is and never to be taken too seriously,  if you do not take it too seriously....

i really thought i had a more evocatively poignant image of that running away, so symbolic..... maybe i do? we shall see. One day.