2 Jan 2022

So, yesteraft I tested 'him' and fair dinkum

 ....So much, far far far too much, 'happening' in my life for two years, I forgot:

"i was there too.." or as he would write it being underclass deplorable "i was there to"

To what,


As it was if life did end then as it began.

I shall come back to that, but I tested him, down at my footbridge - the most beautiful sot for many a mile, no one else there of course as that would mean being.....not fat, and curious.

"fliez buzzin around your face, mate, blood on your sad ...errlll"

" i can't even touch the books you read or in your case pretended you read for RusselBrandian self glorification.."


But then even he wouldn't know 

"as it happens fatso I am waiting for a text from the most beautiful woman even if she bats for the other side, to walk across cut glass and make a deal with me, and her partner, accepting mine written proposal to live in their dog kennel and never bite anyone's bum, nor bark or even whimper at her beauty as long as they let me out now and again to be patted and sit in front of their log fire with that doey eye on her  like lap dogs do...and never being so presumptuous in thought that i may ever be entitled to her lap, even though the deal is i do their gardening by hand free for the rest of mine life... Trump that chubbie chops.."

Anyway that was live from my riverbank in solitude yesteraft...

And it is true.

And it would be daft to think that just an hour later a recently "toothless old git" like me  may have the actual most beautiful woman to walk across cut glass in histiry discussing with me and her ma how i may cut their grass  ... but her actually stopping the flow " look you can tell we are interested in you so come on what is your name we won't tell tales or assume anything..." 

Now,  ( "the clique... I mean you are so ridiculously beautiful they will welcome you in in fact pay for you to be a member..." and if her mum didn't say to her that night, lasternight, " gee love.... that bloke.... to have the affront to chat you up in a way i have never heard in all my years in front of a mum...... and he ferkin drew in the two of us...i really do think we maybe should take him to lunch....anyway we need his truthful knowledge...but did you notice, he got you... your first consternation how dare he be so open about your appearance and poise and grace and then....  gee you warmed to it you started smiling with jaw was dropped at how on earth could anyone be so deft and ... whatever e did i know no one else has ever been so cheeky with you, sober, on a dusky dump of a high st and.... i dont think i have ever seen your eyes expand into a true human loving battle ....with him...." .)

where was I, now...

oh yes yesterday, i forgot something....

But poignant imagery, she may well have been the most absurdly beautiful woman ever especially that lovely jet black air "and dont you know it lassie." but it as her coat. The image will stay with me for the rest of life so powerful, so totemic...

I dont need a camera to remember it for the rest of life. So i must write a poem about it. 

And as for his texts....

Mine really all did come