22 Jan 2022

Now you have to imagine the

most poignant moment in human history

which all by the way has been fully photographed, including all the failed social work - especially Mrs "dad" on one hand and "dave" on the other, and sadly she will be dead in a year or so- i saw it in her eyes yesteraft...

And only fifty two....

Andf the fasiled social work "It is because of her I am leaving, April 2020my life been so absurdly full since, it seems like ten years ago, today, i recall the moment well, sat reading Tolstoy at the river the world dying of self pity and along she walks.....and she was trhe catalyst to it all, but her lies and madness, well.... you saw her with your own eyes...and know it's just good old fashioned apetites - for too much of the stuff that kills you and makes you mad"

Forget her, even if I am loya and to the bitter end she must be herded towards someone who will be 'daddy'.... at fifty fucking five...

And ten grand per year in her bank....not her own of course

But fast forward an hour, to now...

I didn't know his name and now i do.

What a story does he.

Deep down it was always she 

The  machine.

But there is balance in being a machine entirtely aside.