9 Dec 2021

Well, I can see now we are going to have to....


Image: yes i have her at last.
On her boney dog.
Her sign afront.

But when she got all Close Encounters, behind her fabulous black mask....

Then i knew

But how on earth can she knot have known...

an hour later:

" i realised, just today,  i made one...Miss Take....

And as for young whippersnappers, no hope luv, even with every gizmo in the world. Only as Wendel the bad poet says "what the poet needs is, to be deplatformed of Intantgram of nothing, and it to be everything, that is the Worst Journey in The World, and survive it....". and her eyes, even if she has been told before.... 

Has she learned that one before?

Before. Before.
When there was everything and nothing, now nothing certainly is

So as i say 
cryptically, there is another one....
Which is as true as this.
And it will have to be merged but someone knows my name.
If she recalls.
Just one person if she recalls. 
Surely she is woman enough to know a name is nothing.
And identity just someone who doesn't love her or would have done her least 50/50 so as to be as diverse as possible.
But to be even more diverse than possible with or without her gizmos....

Before, tomorrow, on the way 'out' the man who killed defenceless animals for bait and fun and getting in with the local boys...
Just a few years after being there in Hyde park, and conning the whole wide world, and every so called bohemian innit, he was a  nice person, lets have some diversity.

Because (think death - actual bodily amputation from it all) 
The truth, it was always.
Kairos-wise, the acoustics, are unmatched and 

Hang on a  minute....

"XXX means put a line in later now....mate shut up stop going off on tangents i got lores changed with perfick words....always..... detail my friend detail Mister i dont believe it the original Waitrose van will never ever live this down " i know this is pictures....and ..... the picture i had of her in my mind, later,..