6 Dec 2021

Two Faced??

It is not even the picture even if
That's the movie i should watch last night in the house of juju..

To think just like that the famous filmmaker sits on this patch...of her rug...

But it's her....

If only they knew the films going on ear..

The ultimate cliff

and as usual years sbeen thisaway,... two faces means never any adept faces to capture any of it
all so busy bein two faces

But his face i saw his reaction to that Kusherism...

surely hos father or was it grand* with the number tattooed into his arm
to much to tell, to listen anyway that's ancient history we have them now, still, ear...

All this and more, in as yet bad performance art that one day
I just realised yes i can do better than him....if i ever get any help.

As he makes his movies about  myths.
The bohemian losers of the tourist towns.
He sat on that one rug which sums it all up...

the most gorgeous acedia of all time

But will she eve listen, "luv... the black swan means we can never ever ever know how we will feel the other side of some action...never...its against the lores of nature and ....

That says freedom.