18 Dec 2021

So, as i said, it was 'for' them. But what now?

I guess it was her lippy lips. Said it all. Ahh i comes back :-)

And at last, i got there and what a fable; what a parable, what a midful moment, from no 'menu' as usual. The opposite, it's the opposite that matters.


The poor opposites. My my i did not realise there were so many ...of them.

Just yesterday afternoon, oops this is meant to be only about a few poignant weeks. Late November this year into this December. And then (oops that should have been a semi colon); and then... the 

(put it on the Anik song...loud....funny thing my speakers seem to like,

The Wasteland up to it all. The happiest possible poignancy ever, bit could I se it to  fix.... her..... m one little maybe true friend' these last year or so, which are forever and she is....saudade...

 Ooops there i go living in the 'moment' again, even if I think Monday afternoon will do.

But who is this for?

If we must talk of the so called future.