19 Dec 2021

NOT poignant imagery

Because you, simply wouldn't 'get' this, especially if you think Nomadland was a goodish movie. Which is no offence not cheeky quip. it is just true. The truth is that being 'aside' - i have these words many a year pondered and practiced on myself if no one else. Aside. 

It is not 'freedom', it is however 'energy' - good energy no matter what. 


And a pan of mussels always tastes so much more alive and of the moment and simply raw life,  even when splendidly cooked, and stored  without even the need for a fridge 

But all that matters is that even I thought that the poetry will not return - how can it? distractions and ducking and diving
To do

But then it did.

And thus it is time soon when the animals are saved, to return to actually ultra poignant photojournalisng a period; up to November this year.

That if only she would let me take her for a walk, even she must appreciate - no one can live through such sorrow and hurt,  and in and out a decade and more...

And...well she heard me yesterday, shine at the stall of The Kat man...

I could see her jaw dropped even if her back was turned away from him and I...

But will she be offended by "i know you know..."