18 Dec 2021

And so, Louise...

 And so, Louise... 

The vagabond, within;

But i do have to say, 'say' he says... 

That i guess I did need a 'hymn' and talk about just when you needed one.

ut hymns are all very well; do they always give a rhythm? that's the q

As t is rhythm i ned once more.

Somehow, because i saw it.

Somehow to now live aside - best by far word; aside.

Because they went feral, and feral 's ok, as long as...

I can avoid.

Just as their parent's clearly have avoided; being parents.

And now to go back forty years, it is simplified into whom is that Dolly

And the minority whom aint.


Talking of minority, do i have her days/

that's the q.

Did the technology do its bit? 

Over to the other id.

For a bit.