14 Nov 2021


This... 'project'  - too pretentious a label, simply 'feels right now' thing....  will be hard. I never had time to think much about my shots and certainly never had time ever spare to think about some bloody sofware... so it's just the raw chucke dup version. I know a great photo. Some could have been had i bothered to learn yet another silly buggy software program or two. 

But that really is the story even if that one cannot be shown. No wish ever to have any exciting days ever again. That plane ride was quite enough i could have basked in that sublime time for the rest of my life, but living in the middle of nowehere, seeking no one, things just keep happening... things that throw up day after day, no hour after hour, such universal fabulous symbolic imagery and encounters (that are diarised in full). Too damn much. And i live the humblest Silas Marner kind of existence ever. I like it that way. Wish no other way. And certainly want nothing here. You will see that there are no comments not because i favour censoring anyone but simply because i just wish to share beauty in the poignancy. Only that. All else is distraction. I knew that when i saw her write that word. Of course few Brits could manage the right words even IN their native tongue  - you have to loo to a genuinely curious and straight foreign woman for that. 


But yes. Please forgive or try and understand stilted and dull prose here. The problem is that in the actual real life almost live version on the other setup - the streamy conscious one... i adore that - it is far better a eium for showing the energy of everything. Pictures cannot do that. Only words can. And when one is in the 'zone' with words and the  moion and energy of simply sitting down and without a split second of thought playing at the keys like Widor marrying a whole business of the jumpiest ferrets in love in one setting.....  and it so often does just work, well you know what his sublime really is and always was.... and you found the key the poor old fella only ever dreamed of all those years ...