25 Nov 2021

My Quinn however...

 Before he walks out one winter morning, saves anything, someone else left behind maybe one day can use.... be it for art, another child, no matter what.

Bit of a problem though when those whom state eye to eye they wish to benefit from a completely irrelevant ....

That's the thing.... all tyranny, all careless selfishness, one of my 'studies'  - wait....something will come along and change it...change them...or just make the bleakness rather balmy and even rather inspirational. If you just sit tight and be what you earned to be 


My Quinn knows nothing no act or inact must never ever be taken to heart and all your leftovers carefully kept as an act is always kept together if you know all along.... you were right. And what a glorious experiment conducted on ....them... all. Simply confirming what you had long always known in your heart. Even if it's not so good for those leftovers in these lands... it is nevertheless the truth. And that was the Enlightenment and i wonder what on earth next. Because even the middle aged occasional book readers though these days only self help which are not books they are toilet paper, not enough in the world to capture the leftovers of their own sickness inducing bad diet.... of saccharine flavoured pulp. 

All...all of it... is nothing, if you are ready to enjoy the beauty in every image...once again.  Free... entirely.