24 Nov 2021

But the 'two' problems ascertained many a year ago

 Which are never 'problems'  - personally that is a banned word, because i have a mind, in the now the real version,  just actual real aspects of modern existence almost impossible to ascertain.

Because one cannot mind read. Nor can their Tolle... though i bet they assume that too as the next level of superpower available if they buy his next load of cant and vanity ..(as always there will be some ok bits mixed in, but it's about having only good bits and no pile of steaming poo mixed in, which can be summed up in the one line to Mrs Baby Figs " I rather just use the old fashioned word the Poles are rather fab in the way they mix in the  usage - etymology i.e. wtf they may mean,  it seems notions of 'lofty intent' except as usual the silly billies who play around with webpages have played around with this one and a superb kismetly discovered new whole world discovered in the autumn of 2020 ...despite HIM and his mad appetite for drugs women and alcohol likely his 'mental health' issues because if you do loads of alcohol and drugs of course you will not be able to properly make love to the sexiest little creature in his whole small town... 

anyway this was NOT like this last year - second of many entries,  usage hair products...

which i guess is about all the bimbos ( a non Miss Oh Jenny word in correct etymological history with no bored silly person revisions, it was used for  silly men who were not modern, and needed to cover their hair in a lot of silly polluting and damaging [to them, never mind the fishies..] chemicals... ..or 'products' or what a waste of time .. ) )